Waouh !


At a time when everything is accelerating and time becomes invaluable, FlexEvent offers you a simple, fast and innovative tool!

Now, a few clicks are enough to create your event online with a costs overview. Isn’t that great?

I organize it !

How does it work?

1. Data

Present yourself

What – When – How many

2. Location

Indicate us a region

Proposed location within 48h

3. Menu

Compose the meal

via our caterers

4. Drinks

Choose a la carte

Wine, beer, mineral,...

5. Show

Assure the show

Mark the spirits!

6. Staff

Engage staff

to your service

7. Promotion

Manage the promotion

for the event

8. Check

Confirm the recap

of your request

9. Send

Send the request

Response within 48 hours